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 The Society
Hong Kong Society of Notaries is the professional association for notaries public in Hong Kong. It was incorporated in 1977 as a company limited by guarantee.

The Objects
The main objects of the Society are as follows:-
1. to cultivate uniformity of practice and procedure so far as may be practicable;
2. to ensure high standards of work and honourable practice;
3. to ensure compliance with regulations relating to the profession;
4. to represent the views of members; and
5. to represent the views of members; and
6. to provide services to members.
The Functions
The Society has a vital role to play in the following areas:-
1. appointment of notaries public;
2. administration of the notaries public examination;
3. provision of professional development programmes;
4. guidance and monitoring of notarial practice;
5. issuance of annual practising certificates; and
6. investigation of complaints and allegations of professional misconduct by notaries public.