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Roll of Honour


Article 6(4) of the Society's Articles of Association provides as follow:-

"The Council may by not less than a three quarters majority of all Council members who are, for the time being, entitled to receive notice of a meeting of the Council, elect to the Roll of Honour any Notary Public who has, in the opinion of the Council, given such distinguished service to the Society or its Council or the development of the notarial profession in Hong Kong that his contribution warrants recognition by the Society. A person who is a Member on the Roll of Honour shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as a Member or an Associate Member (according to his admission as a Member or Associate Member) but shall not be required to pay any membership subscription. The Council may at any time remove any person from the Roll of Honour by a simple majority of those Council members present at a Council meeting, with or without cause."

Roll of Honour

In appreciation of the distinguished service to the Society, its Council and the development of the notarial profession in Hong Kong, the Council is pleased to announce that the following Notaries Public have been elected to the Roll of Honour:-

  Name Year Elected to the Roll of Honour
  BRIDGE Robin Miles 2016
  LEUNG Oi Sie, Elsie, GBM, JP 2016