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The last Notaries Public examination was held in 2015 when 22 out of 201 candidates who sat for examination passed the qualifying examination. We plan to hold our next qualification examination in February or March 2019. Solicitors with 7 years’ post-qualification experience will be eligible to sit for examination. A training course on notarial practice and bills of exchange will be held in August 2018.

Details of the examination and the training course will be announced in May 2018 through the Law Society of Hong Kong and in our website at
At its Annual General Meeting on 11th October 2017, the Hong Kong Society of Notaries appointed 13 Councillors for the coming term. They are (in alphabetical order):-

AU Miu Po
CHAN Bing Woon
Ella Shuk-Ki CHEONG
Francis W.C. CHONG (until 11 July 2018)
Hannah C.L. HA
Andrew HART
Jesse KWOK Hong Yee
KWONG Chi Keung
Rebecca LO
MA Ching-Nam
Elizabeth M.Y. MO
Kenneth H.W. SIT
Mr. Kenneth H.W. SIT and Ms. AU Miu Po were elected President and Vice-President respectively at the Council meetings after the 11 October 2017 Annual General Meeting.
In February 2018, Mr. CHU Kuo Fai Gordon and Ms. LAM Yuet Ming Emily were further co-opted as Council Members.

In May 2018, Ms. CHANG Lai Shan Eliza was also co-opted as Council Member.
The Society is pleased to announce that Mr. Robin Miles BRIDGE and Ms. Elsie Oi Sie LEUNG, GBM, JP, have been elected as members to the Roll of Honour for their distinguished service to the Society, its Council and the development of the notarial profession in Hong Kong.

For more information on this, please click here. [link to “Roll of Honour” icon]
Notaries from other jurisdictions meet to exchange views with members of the Society regularly. Delegations of Notaries from Anhui, Gansu, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Shanghai and Guizhou visited the Society during the past year.