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The Society

Hong Kong Society of Notaries is the professional association for notaries public in Hong Kong. It was incorporated in 1977 as a company limited by guarantee.

The Objects

The main objects of the Society are as follows:-

1. to cultivate uniformity of practice and procedure so far as may be practicable;
2. to ensure high standards of work and honourable practice;
3. to ensure compliance with regulations relating to the profession;
4. to represent the views of members; and
5. to provide services to members.

The Functions

The Society has a vital role to play in the following areas:-

1. appointment of notaries public;
2. administration of the notaries public examination;
3. provision of professional development programmes;
4. guidance and monitoring of notarial practice;
5. issuance of annual practising certificates; and
6. investigation of complaints and allegations of professional misconduct by notaries public.

The Governing Body

The Council is the governing body of the Society.

There are sixteen members of the Council. Council members are elected by the general membership annually. The President and Vice-President are elected from and by Council members.

The Council meets monthly or more frequently as required for the conduct of business and the determination of issues. There are a number of committees to assist the Council in the running of the Society. These include the Examination Committee, the External Affairs Committee, the Management Committee, the Standards and Development Committee, Statutes and Constitution Committee and the Website Committee.

The Society maintains a secretariat for implementation of the Council's policies and decisions.


As of 30 April 2020, there are 361 members.

All notaries public are experienced solicitors. The majority have 15 to 20 years post-admission qualification as solicitors in addition to their notaries public qualification. This reflects the substantial experience and seniority of the notaries public profession.

Professional Fees

The professional fees of notaries public are dependent on the nature and complexity of the service provided.