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The Committees

AU Miu Po

Christopher GORDON
Hannah C.L. HA
Jesse KWOK Hong Yee
LAM Sek Kong
Kenneth H.W. SIT
SO Tat Keung

Terms of Reference:
1. To consider and review matters relating to and advise Council on the ethics, standards and development of notarial practice and procedure; and to formulate and make recommendations to Council on all matters relating to the professional conduct of notaries public including but not limited to setting the code of conduct.
2. To assist, if considered appropriate by the Committee, members on questions regarding notarial practice and procedure.
3. To consider and make recommendations to Council on the appointment of notaries public and admission of notaries public to membership of the Society, and to implement Council’s decisions in relation thereto.
4. To formulate and implement education programs for the prospective and existing members of the profession.