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The Committees

KWONG Chi Keung

CHAN Bing Woon
Paul K. C. CHAN
Emily Y. M. LAM
Paul M. W. LI
Lonnie C.H. LO

Ex Officio Member:

Terms of Reference:
1. To formulate the Society’s policy on external relations.
2. To liaise with Hong Kong SAR Government, diplomatic and quasi-diplomatic organizations, public and professional bodies, and other organizations on behalf of the Society on professional issues and for promotion of the Society and notarial practice.
3. To publish in appropriate forms Council’s approved announcements to the public and holding Council approved press conferences/meetings with the media on matters relating to the Society, the profession and its members.
4. To be responsible for exchanges with and reception of Mainland and foreign visitors, including when appropriate arranging hospitality.
5. To be responsible for arrangements for outgoing visits of the Society approved by Council.
6. To advise Council on the above matters generally.